▷エナ (Ena) - ┗|∵|┓Detained Teacher
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▷【一人二役で?】イノコリ先生 歌ってみた【えなえな】✡

lullatone - secretly loving the smell of suntan oil
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lullatone, secretly loving the smell of suntan oil

Orange Caramel - 까탈레나 (Catallena)
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ORANGE CARAMEL (오렌지캬라멜) - 까탈레나 (Catallena)

泠鸢yousa - unravel
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unravel (dj-Jo remix) - Ling Yuan Yousa

Original - TK from Ling Tosite Sigure (Tokyo Ghoul OP)

向日葵xまふまふ - いかないで
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I shouldn't cry, I shouldn't cry
But the truth is, I want to say it:
"Don't go."

Ikanaide duet featuring Mafumafu and Himawari

Kenshi Yonezu - しとど晴天大迷惑
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Kenshi Yonezuしとど晴天大迷惑 / Shitodo Seiten Daimeiwaku
(The Trouble Of Dripping Wet Sun)

"Carrying the brilliantly shining sun, the weather’s nice today 
Let’s go out and play, commit more mistakes, 
Keep going down that narrow path, 
And we’ll erase the torturously painful days, 
And we’ll erase the days of torturously painful experiences, 
We don’t need ‘em, throw it all away!” 

UNCHAIN - 丸の内サディスティック
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ステレオポニー - again
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so if you think YUI’s “again” is impossible to sing, you should try Stereopony’s version instead

it’s twenty fucking times as hard.

note to those of you reblogging this going DUR IT’S NOT HARDER i’m so happy for you being perfect and fluent in japanese and all please excuse us peons over here who can’t pronounce “natsukashikunaru” without stumbling

Hmm… This sounds great.

Akiko Shikata - Class::XIO_PROCEED;
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Ar Nosurge || Class::XIO_PROCEED;

Aimer - Dareka Umi Wo (Full)
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The full version is even more beautiful